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get a second citizenship

Authorities in the states have revealed that nigerian fraudster ramon olorunwa abbas, known as khushpuppi, used the proceeds of the fraud, to [] acquire an alternative citizenship.
The us department of justice (doj) stated in the description that khushpuppi and the following conspirators deceived a qatari businessman by posing as consultants and bankers that they were able to provide a loan to finance the construction of a school for one, one million dollars.
The justice department said haspuppi used the proceeds of the fraud to enroll the citizenship of saint christopher and nevis, an island nation also known as saint kitts and nevis.
According to the indictment, khushpuppi spent about $ 230,000 of the stolen money to buy richard mille rm11-03 watches that were delivered to him manually in dubai and then existed in his posts on fb, vk, instagram.
Other illegal proceeds from the potential scheme, by definition, were converted into cash receipts, including checks in the amount of 50 thousand. Dollars that were developed by abbas and an accomplice to use the passport by making a fake marriage document, and in the end bribing a government official in st. Kitts.
Khushpuppi was arrested earlier, in june 2019, together with olalekan jacob ponle, also known as woodberry, and a dozen others.
12 the suspects were arrested in the course of six simultaneous raids conducted by the electronic police unit of the dubai police.
The gang was in charge of dh1.Fraud in the amount of $6 billion (about $169 billion) involving over 1.9 million victims. Items in the amount of $15.845 billion (150 million danish dinars) were also seized.